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It is part of our culture to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients. For over 30 years our business has been driving families that have descended from generation to generation. 

What started off with driving the parents, to their children to their grandchildren and now great grand children, it is an honor to safely drop off an entire family tree to their second home away from home. 

Over the years our clients have become family and that is how we view the core Sonny Tours Transportation. Having a reliable driver that you see every season, year or month, comes with an ease that you know your driver you can build trust and create long-lasting relationships 


Our mission is to deliver an ultimate transportation that feels like home. Which is why we deliver our services in both French and in English to facilitate the communication process, but most importantly we want our customers to feel at ease.

Meet The Team



Sonny Tours Transportation was founded by Andre Matte, the Grand-Father of our current owner, Jasmyne Butt-Boivin. Since the beginning, Andre wanted to create a family experience that made the client feel right at home, just as if a family member or a friend were to pick you up.

Today, our current owner, Jasmyne,  reinvented the wheel of comfort for our clients to create an enjoyable and reliable transportation experience. But, she always kept Andre's vision within the core of the company's mission, which is to provide a family-friendly approach.

She has worked endlessly to provide a new perspective of comfortable transportation in South Florida. Our fully managed, trustworthy service allows you to spend more time on what’s important to you. Just leave the rest to us!

We know South Florida inside and out insuring you can sit back, relax, and rely on us to get you where you need to go. 


"Sonny tours provided great transportation to Fll for 6 adults with a ton of baggage. They then provided a pickup for 4 a week later than a pickup for 2 three days after that. They were on time for all 3. Great job."

"Sonny Tours Transportation was fast and effective exceptional service"

- William Corriveau

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